Water System

The Hat Island Community owns and operates six wells and a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to provide property owners with sufficient quality drinking water. The reverse osmosis plant (pictured right) desalinates water pumped from Puget Sound.

Detailed information about how the water system operates as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions are available in a document titled, Our Water System. There’s also an accompanying diagram, Understanding Our Water System, that will help you visualize the system.

Ever wonder what the difference is between the RO plant and our fresh water wells? It’s the level of filtration. This chart describes what type of filtration removes what size particles from water.

Hat Island’s RO System was featured in the July 17, 2003, issue of the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce.

Hat Island Water System Usage Fee Schedule

Water Quality

Water from the Community’s fresh water and reverse osmosis wells undergoes regular testing as required by various government agencies. Results of those tests and the annual reports are listed, below, in chronological order. Reports are kept on this website for one year. If you wish to see older reports, please contact the Hat Island Office.

The Washington Department of Health Office of Drinking Water website has a wealth of information on water quality and contaminates and can provide you with the information you need to understand our water quality reports.

Many people have called the office asking about arsenic levels in the reports, below. Here’s a link to the state’s information on arsenic and a paper on arsenic removal.

Water Quality Reports

Water System Certificates