Take a scroll though Hat Island’s history with our collection of news clippings, articles, advertisements, pictures, videos, and even a recent TV appearance.

July 2018 — Hat Island: The Somewhat Secret, Other-Worldy Northwest Gem

“The rules are lax, it’s not public, and residents of the small isle off Everett like it that way.” Read the article about Hat Island that appeared in the July 31, 2018 edition of The Everett Herald…

2017 — Hat Island on KING5’s Evening Magazine

Hat Island’s a TV star! Check out this 2017 segment from Seattle KING5’s Evening Magazine: Hat Island – The Northwest’s Best Kept Secret…

2008 — Memorial Day Ceremony

2008 — Tribute to Andy Liljestrand

2003 — Volunteer Fire Department Commissioners

Clarence Forseth and Mac McDonel
(Courtesy Everett Herald)

Grace Stenlund
(Courtesy Everett Herald)

Clarence Forseth
(Courtesy Everett Herald)

2002 — Reverse Osmosis Water System Construction

Beach Well
(Courtesy Everett Herald)

System Construction
(Courtesy Everett Herald)

System Construction
(Courtesy Everett Herald)

The RO Water Plant Building
(Courtesy Everett Herald)

1995 — Their Little Bit of Paradise

This overview of Hat Island appeared in the Seattle Times on Friday, June 30, 1995.

Mid-1990’s — Special Assessment Flyer

This is the flyer created by Don Condit describing the community’s first special assessment. The special assessment was for $84.00 per year for 8 years and was used to cover major community expenses over $10,000 without the need for separate votes.

1980’s — Fire Department Article

1977 — Hat Island, A Community Pulls Together

These photos were taken in 1977 by Rich Shulman of the Everett Herald

1974 — Electric Cable Project

In 1974, as a direct result of the 1971-1972 Community Development Study, an underwater electric cable was laid to Hat Island from Mission Beach. The Holiday was the vehicle for PUD executives and engineers and Hat Island board to watch the project being done. This project was a very exciting for both the PUD and Hat Islanders. This was the first underwater cable for the PUD and Hat Island had been running on generators that were less than reliable. Our Elsie M was also involved in the project. It was raining and a dark and dreary day much lightened by the exciting project and unrealistic successes. Basically there were no problems from one side to the other. The cable was energized on December 12, 1974.

Project Overview

Mission Beach where the cable originates. Note large power pole in the background.
The overhead lines on the mainland are where most of the power outages occur.

The cable barge is towed by tugs during the cable laying process

Cable barge being maneuvered by its tug

Another view of the tugs keeping the barge on line

Our Elsie M helping with project

View of the very large reel that carried the one piece cable

1972 — Early Marina Photos

The black and white picture of the marina labeled 1972 was scanned from the aerial photo in the 1972 Community Development Study. It shows the original configuration of the marina. In 1978 the marina was dredged and the dock system expanded to the configuration shown in the second photo. Notice the ferry bridge and ramp at the southern end where the ferry ACORN docked. Out side the marina on the north side was the barge piling for barges to tie up to unload building materials.

1972 Marina

Post 1978 Marina

Picture toward the Yacht and Golf Club building showing more sand and gravel from the marina

Pile driver in the northern corner of the marina driving pilings for the ramp bridge.

The “Acorn” Passenger Ferry

1970’s — Plastic Waterline Installation

1967 — Special Sales Event

Mid-1960’s — Hat Island Riviera

1962 — Hat Island Sales Brochure