Another Holiday – The Hat Island Ferry

Don’t Miss the Boat!

The ferry schedule (below) varies based on the season and tides.
Please be on board vessel 10 minutes before departure time.
Be prompt! The ferry leaves exactly at its scheduled departure time!
We cannot wait for late arrivals.

Limit on Passengers

Each voting member is limited to 10 passengers (including themselves) on a scheduled sailing.  If you need to bring more than 10 passengers over at a time, please contact to charter the ferry.


Ferry Reservations

Reservations are required to ride Another Holiday to and from Hat Island. Sign in to the Bookeo system, below, to make a reservation. Please email the Hat Island office at to receive your login/password and instructions for using Bookeo.

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Current Schedule (subject to changes for tides and events, please check BOOKEO)

  • Monday, Tues & Thursday
  • Everett to Hat 8:00am
  • Hat to Everett 9:00am
  • Everett to Hat 4:00pm
  • Hat to Everett 5:00pm
  • Everett to Hat 4:00
  • Hat to Everett 5:00pm
  • Friday
  • Everett to Hat 11:00am
  • Hat to Everett 12:00pm
  • Everett to Hat 7:00pm
  • Hat to Everett 8:00pm .
  • Everett to Hat 4:00
  • Hat to Everett 5:00pm
  • Saturday
  • Everett to Hat 8:00am
  • Hat to Everett 9:00am
  • Everett to Hat 4:00pm
  • Hat to Everett 5:00pm
  • Everett to Hat 4:00
  • Hat to Everett 5:00pm
  • Sunday
  • Everett to Hat 8:00am
  • Hat to Everett 9:00am
  • Everett to Hat 2:00pm
  • Hat to Everett 3:00pm
  • Everett to Hat 4:00
  • Hat to Everett 5:00pm

Passenger Ferry Rates

At this time, rates are under the Fuel Surcharge column.

  • Passenger
  • Adult 18 and older
  • Youth 7 to 17
  • Child to 6
  • Crated Pet
  • Un-Crated Pet
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • $12
  • $6
  • $2.50
  • $3.50
  • $7
  • Standard
  • $10
  • $5
  • $2
  • $3
  • $6

Charter Service

Another Holiday is available for charter to Hat Island residents and to the general public. Details and rates are available here…

For additional information and to arrange a charter, please contact the First Mate.

Passenger Ferry Rules and Baggage Dimensions

To assure safe passage, there are specific rules for using the passenger ferry. Click here to read them… Ultimately, though, the ferry captain has final judgment and authority.

Trash and Recycling

Hat Island has an agreement with the Port of Everett to use their trash and recycling receptacles. The closest receptacles to the ferry is near the Crosswater Sales office.

Parking at the Port of Everett

Another Holiday embarks and discharges passengers at her berth behind and slightly north of Anthony’s Restaurant. From Marine View Drive turn west on 18th Street to the South Docks. Click to see a map of the South Docks…

Getting to the Another Holiday Vessel

From Marine View Drive, turn west on 18th Street. Before you get to the Navy base, turn right into the Port of Everett parking lot. The loading area is marked on the map. The dock is located at the northwest corner of Anthony’s Restaurant.

Parking Options

Quick Load/Unload. An area for loading/unloading for the ferry is provided in the vicinity of the northwest corner of Anthony’s. Proceed down the ramp, turn right and go to the end of the guest dock.

Longer Term Parking. The Port of Everett provides long-term parking spaces (limited to 45 permits). These spaces are preferred parking and will only be available to Hat Island owners who have purchased a parking pass thru the Port of Everett. The HICA office provides the Port with a list of owners eligible to purchase passes. The Port will patrol, ticket, boot and will tow vehicles parked in this area without a permit.

More Details

Port of Everett Parking Information and Link to Apply

Port of Everett Marina Parking Map

ADA Parking at the Port of Everett